quinta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2006

Grande Punto CC

A Fiat parece que vai lançar uma versão coupé cabriolet CC, do novo Fiat Grande Punto.
O design é da Fioravanti e o Punto CC irá usar o mesmo tipo de hardtop que o Ferrari Superamerica que foi o primeiro modelo a usar este modo de dobrar e esconder a capota.

Este tipo de hardtop permite ter muito mais espaço na mala e permite ao Grande Punto ter 2 verdadeiros lugares atrás ao contrário dos CC's a que estamos habituados que normalmente os lugares atrás mal chegam para sentar 2 crianças, muito menos 2 adultos. Este tipo de hardtop também beneficia no comportamente dinâmico do carro pois fica tanto peso na parte traseira do carro como nos CC's convencionais.

Se este projecto obtiver a luz verde por parte da Fiat poderá existir também um projecto de pick-up mas eu pessoalmente já ficaria contente com este CC que se espera poder contar com o motor 1.9 JTD de 130cv...

O artigo completo aqui vai mas em inglês:

Want to CC some real Skill? Well, here it is - probably the most beautiful coupé-cabriolet ever built! These are the first pictures of a new Fiat Punto CC that promises to leave drop-top versions of the Mitsubishi Colt and forthcoming Peugeot 207 looking plain by comparison.

Called the Skill, it's been designed by Italian styling house Fioravanti, and will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Using the same folding roof technology as the limited-edition Ferrari Superamerica - the first production model to employ Fioravanti's drop-top system - the newcomer features a highly complex, but compact, single-piece rotary hood.

Unlike on conventional CCs, where the top drops into the boot and takes up essential luggage space, the Punto Skill's lid is hinged between the rear window and central roof section so it rotates to fold flat on to the rear deck.

This has enabled Fioravanti's designers to avoid the rear-heavy appearance which blights most coupé-cabrios, and while the concept is a two-seater, the extra space means a production version could benefit from an additional pair of seats in the back.

Rather than being metal, the lightweight Fioravanti top is constructed from carbon fibre and special electro-chromatic glass, which is capable of changing opacity according to the level of light - shading driver and passenger from bright sunshine.

The newcomer has a sporty profile and a neatly chopped rear end, complete with classy narrow tail-lights, while the roof blends in brilliantly with the Punto's bold front end - and the result is dazzling. Alongside the coupé-cabrio, Fioravanti will also take the wraps off a pick-up variant (see panel, opposite), which features a drop-down tailgate and a load compartment clad in hard-wearing rubber. It employs the same single-piece roof as the CC, with the hood folding on to the load area.

Although bosses are keen to stress that both versions of the Skill are simply design studies at present, the huge demand for folding roof coupé-cabrios means production is certainly on the cards. It's no secret that Fiat plans to expand the Punto range, and an innovative CC could be exactly what it needs to tackle Peugeot, Mitsubishi and Vauxhall - all of which have supermini-based hard-tops on sale.

What's more, following on from the successful production debut of the rotary roof in the Ferrari Superamerica, sources have hinted Fioravanti will be keen to bring the hood technology to a much wider audience.

If the project is given the green light, the Punto CC is tipped to arrive here some time towards the end of 2007. Engines are likely to include top-end units from the Punto hatch, with the 130bhp 1.9-litre JTD turbodiesel among the options. Expect a production version to start from around £14,000.
Sam Hardy

sábado, fevereiro 11, 2006

Grande Punto = Fracasso??!!

Tenho visto poucos Fiat Grande Punto na estrada, as revistas nos comparativos que fazem nos carros deste segmento o Punto fica sempre atrás do novo Clio e penso que será isso a causa de eu ver tão poucos nas estradas...
Ausência de vendas dum carro que era anunciado como best-seller, salvador de Fiat etc etc...

No que isto irá dar?
2 coisas:
Ou baixam o preço ao carro.
Ou começam a oferecer mais equipamento.

E ainda não fiz o test-drive...:/